LED-Finish Gel Tack-Free- Milky  (1976)

(Versieglung-Gel mit gutem Glanz, keine `klebe'-Schicht nach der Aushärtung, milky dünn)




LED-Finish Gel Special Gloss (1964)

(Finish gel with good gloss, both under `LED-Lamp' and `UV-Lamp ')




LED-High Gloss Gel Tack-Free- Clear (1970)

(Finish gel with gloss, without tacky residue at the surface after curing, thin)


LED-High Gloss Gel Klar (1725)

(Finish gel with gloss, light red-blue)







LED-High Gloss Violet (1775)

(Finish gel with gloss, light violet)





LED-High Gloss Gel (1765)

(Finish gel with gloss)






LED-High Gloss Gel Finishing (1760)

(Finish gel with gloss)





LED-High Gloss Gel Professional (1766)

(Finish gel with gloss)






LED-High Gloss Gel Glimmer Rose (1769)

(Finish gel with fine pearls, with gloss)






LED-High Gloss Light Rose (1188)

(Finish gel with gloss, light rose)





LED-High Gloss Gel Rose Intensive (1785)

(Finish gel with gloss, rose)





LED-Noble Green Sparkling (1678)

(Colour gel with fine green pearl effect, white, high coverage)






LED-Noble Stars (1803)

(Finish gel with fine rainbow pearls, with gloss)




LED-Noble Star-Lights (1602)

(Finish gel with gloss, with a few 'copper' and green pearls)



LED-Builder Gel Make up Peach (1781)

(Finish gel with gloss, light black ))